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“The Lion King was onto something with the circle of life shit”

Did you know that humans only account for .01% of the biomass on earth?The percentages of biomass on earth according to are broken into the following percentages. Plants are the top dog on earth as they account for more than 82% of biomass. Next up is small bacteria at 13%. In third place animals are only at .4%. Here is a crazy part. Livestock apparently outweighs all wild animals and birds by ten fold. Humans seem pretty small but are responsible for all that and then some.

“Did you know that humans only account for .01% of the biomass on earth?”

All of the thoughts today lead to this. Let’s picture earth as this living thriving organism. What role do humans play on it? We consume all of the earths non renewable resources without any thought or care to the consequences. It is believed that if humans were to go extinct today that the planet would thrive. Some people think that is probably bullshit but this quarantine has showed us a glimpse of how quickly earth can heal when we shut down our typical daily lives. We destroy animals, nature, pollute the air and oceans making it hard for the earth to breathe. Here is a trippy question. How can the most “superior” and “intelligent” species who only occupies .01% of the biomass cause so much destruction to something knowing if it dies they die? I mean we just seem so small, kind of like cancer or maybe a virus! So what would earth do to fight back against a virus destroying it? Hmm…



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Justin Maxim

Justin Maxim


I am a creative who not long ago decided to try writing. Usually I am behind a camera but writing is another way I can express myself in a creative way.